Melanie Contant

It's very difficult to chose only one memorable job at Sole Survivor seeing as I do something different every day, but something that has stuck with me is the first time I resoled a pair of Red Wings. My boyfriend was nice enough to let me experiment on his only pair of boots, and I managed to succeed! The technique involved in doing this particular job requires strength and accuracy. It was a really satisfying and rewarding moment for me.

Being part of a team of strong and capable women at Sole Survivor makes me feel like I've found a community of like-minded creatives who also happen to be really talented and driven. I'm constantly learning something new, and have the confidence to do so thanks the Sole Boss Lo. Without her and the rest of the Sole girls, there would be no Sole Survivor!

I'm grateful to be able to work with my hands, instead of being stuck behind a desk. It's a really rewarding feeling to hold a finished product at the end of the day and to think to yourself, "I made this!".