Sarah Kennedy

More so a task than a specific job, my favourite part of repair is using the sander. I love to make a game where I approach each shoe like a sculpture, sanding away all excess to reveal the shoe's natural shape . Not only is it empowering (and fun!) to work with large machinery, its high speed and power force me to be super focused—an exercise in being present.

I am proud to be part of the Sole Survivor team because I am a feminist. Lorena has created a space where women can learn a necessary trade in a safe environment. It is important for us to witness one another grow and thrive, to be proud of other females and, rather than competing with one another, rediscover sisterhood.

To me, being a cobbler means spending my time fixing things rather than making more "stuff". I believe there can be real value in creating a relationship with possessions like shoes that carry, express and protect you. Just as caring for a plant or another person brings us joy, taking pride in a pair of quality shoes can be a method of self-care, which is a skill many people have lost in our community.